RE: apoptosis

Amy Wagelie-Steffen (
Fri, 6 Dec 1996 09:41:54 -0500

I know of several fas ligand antibodies, though I have yet to use them
for flow or immuno:

Santa Cruz Biotechnology (CA): Cat# sc-834; rabbit polyclonal; reacts w/
mouse, rat human fas-l; recommended for western or immuno, though there
is a group that used it for flow (see PNAS 1996May28;93(11):5533-8).

Pharmingen (San Diego, CA): many fas-l antibodies available, and some
have been tested for flow, but be aware of the metalloprotease inhibitor
treatment issue. Pharmingen can tell you more about it.

You can also try Alexis Corp. in San Diego, whose anti fas-l has been
used for immuno (see Science vol.274, 11/22/96, 1363-6). I believe it
has also been tested for flow.

Hope this helps-
Amy Wagelie-Steffen

>From: Maria Cristina Ribeiro de Castro[]
>Sent: Thursday, December 05, 1996 9:41AM
>To: Cytometry Mailing List
>Subject: apoptosis
> I have been looking for gramzyme, perforin, Fas-ligand
>antibodies for immunohistochemistry and FACS analysis in kidney, blood
>and urine samples. Does anybody know which company are producing them?
>Thanks in advance.
>Castro, MCR
>Sao Paulo University

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