Re[2]: apoptosis antibodies (FASL, GRANZ, PERFOR)
Fri, 13 Dec 96 16:53:31

Andreas Christaras

Thanks for providing the information below regarding your experience with anti-
fas-ligand mAbs. However, I had the impression (possibly mistaken) that at
least one of these mAbs recognized an intracellular epitope. Could you clarify
which are able to stain cells without premeabilization?

Dear Maria,

following companies provide antibodies against FAS-L (CD95L)

Transduction Laboratories clone 33
in my experience on flow cytometry this mAb works fine
available in purified unlabelled format

PharMingen clone NOK-1
this is the antibody I regularly use and it works perfectly
available in purified unlabelled format and biotinylated

PharMingen clone NOK-2
I have no experience using this antibody
available in purified unlabelled format

Hope this helps a bit

Andreas Christaras
Heinrich-Heine University Children's Hospital
Laboratory of Experimental Hematology and Stem Cell Transplanatation
KMT-Labor Building 14.82
Moorenstrasse 5

FON +49-211-81-16103 FAX +49-211-81-16191

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