Apoptosis, PS exposure, Annexin V

Tue, 22 Oct 1996 17:43:18 +0000 (EZT)

Aki Hoji raised the question whether Annexin V labeling could detect
apoptosis before actual DNA fragmentation. I have heard the same but I am not
aware of any publication on this issue as yet.
In reply to Piet van Erp's question, I would say that there are some possible
pittfalls of the Annexin V labeling due to the cell isolation procedure. As
mentioned in the article by van Engeland et al. (Cytometry 24, 131-139, 1996)
use of trypsin to prepare single cell suspensions might induce artificial PS
exposure. We don't have experience with cells isolated from solid tissues and
tumors but I could imagine that similar problems might occur.

Bert Schutte
Department of Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics
University of Maastricht
The Netherlands

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