C. Kevin Becker (
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 15:05:45 -0700

> I would like to know which kit most people in your group use. The are
>two by Oncor, one a direct FITC conjugated dUTP and the other a
>Digoxigenin conjugated dUTP and an Ab to digoxigenin. Also, there is a
>kit available from Boehringer-Manheim.
>Rakesh Nagarajan
For your information, there are more Tunel (Tubel) assay kits on the market
than you mentioned. Phoenix Flow sells two, APO-DIRECT and APO-BRDU.
APO-DIRECT uses the direct conjugated FITC dUTP method and APO-BRDU uses a
BrdUTP incorporation followed by an anti-BRDU antibody. Our kits contain
all necessary reagents plus positive and negative control cells.

APO-BRDU using the BrdUTP methodology is the newest, least expensive and
most sensitive. I refer you to the article by Li and Darzynkiewicz titled
Labeling DNA strand breaks with BrdUTP, Detection of apoptosis and cell
proliferation, Cell Prolif. 1995, 28, 571-579.


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