Re: TUNEL - double staining
Wed, 06 Nov 96 08:44:11 CST

Regarding double staining with TUNEL and something else, here are a few
references to get you started.

Qioa, L. et al. Flow cytometric characterization of proliferation
associated nuclear antigen (p105) during cell cycle in normal lymphocytes
and promyelocytic leukemia cells (HL-60). Analytical and Quantitative
Cytology and Histology 17(3): 183-188, 1995.

Tornusciolo, DRZ et al. Simultaneous detection of TDT-mediated dUTP-biotin
nick end-labeling (TUNWL)-positive cells and multiple immunohistochemical
markers in a single tissue section. BioTechniques 19: 800-805, 1995.

Raza, A et al. Simultaneous assessment of cell kinetics and programmed cell
death in bone marrow biopsies of myelodysplastics reveals extensive
apoptosis as the probable basis for infective hematopoeisis. Am. J.
Hematology 48: 143-154, 1995.

Mundle, S. et al. Novel insitu double labeling for simultaneous detection
of proliferation and apoptosis. J. Histochem. Cytochem. 42(12): 1533-1537,

I hope this helps.

Terry Riss

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Subject: TUNEL - double staining
Author: (Graham Atherton) at INTERNET-MAIL
Date: 11/5/96 4:51 PM

Is there a method which allows a fibroblast cell line to be stained up with
an antibody for a cytoplasmic protein (not a surface marker) eg lacZ
transfectedand then to 'stain up' for apoptotic nuclei via TUNEL or
similar so that one
may determine the number of lacZ +ve cells which are apoptotic?
All of the papers I have read so far describe methods for doing one or the
other, not both - one in fact states that the two are incompatible under
their experimental conditions.
Many thanks for any help
Graham Atherton

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Subject: TUNEL - double staining

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