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Howdy -

I made a post about a commercial product in reponse to a query
made on the list. I have been contacted directly by a couple
of people for more information. Today I received the following
from a company representative. Because I don't want to promote
commercial use of the net, I haven't passed this on as requested.
If this posting would not be inappropriate in your opinion,
please forward to all subscribers.

Bill Ward


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To: "Lt. Col. William Ward" <>
Subj: FreezerWorks 3.1

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From: Rick Michels <>
To: "Lt. Col. William Ward" <>
Subject: FreezerWorks 3.1
Message-ID: <950306185631_72010.616_FHG93-1@CompuServe.COM>

Dr. Ward:

We at Dataworks Development are extremely grateful for your post
regarding our freezer inventory program FreezerWorks 3.0. We have been
getting a number of inquiries since your posting. I have some
information on our software that I would like to pass on to your
newsgroup. If you have a way of attaching this note to a future post and
feel it is appropriate to do so, please go ahead. I'll try to keep it
informational in nature.

We are putting the final touches on a full working demo disk and tutorial
of FreezerWorks. This demo is a full working copy of the program with a
vial limit of of 25 records. We'll start shipping this demo this week, as
soon as we iron out all the little glitches the 25 record limit create.
The diskette will include a little tutorial program that runs directly
off the diskette. We encourage users go through "part one" of the
tutorial first, to get oriented to how FreezerWorks is designed and how
to set it up to meet your lab's specific needs. Then, the user can "test
drive" FreezerWorks for himself by installing it onto the hard drive by
typing the "install" command. We encourage the user to refer to the
tutorial and the help screens for further instructions. Or call us at

FreezerWorks sells for $395.00, and runs on MS-DOS, It also operates
quite well under Windows. I validated the program completely while
operating it in Windows with a 386 and 8mb memory without any problems.

We also have a MacIntosh program available called Mittens. It runs on 4-D
software and sells for $595.00 if a copy of 4-D runtime is needed,
$395.00 if the lab already owns a version of 4-D. The Demo disk is a
working version with some constraints.

Both demos are available upon request.

For general information on using relational databases to manage specimen
inventories, I'd like to refer you to an article I co-authored with Dr.
Stephen Naber of Tufts University. Dr. Stephen Naber currently uses
FreezerWorks to manage the tissue bank he set up at Bayside Medical
Center in Boston. The article is scheduled to run in the upcoming April
1995 issue of the Journal for the International Federation of Clinical
Chemists (JIFCC).

Thank again for your interest. I'd be happy to answer any questions
anyone may have.


Rick Michels
VP Marketing - Dataworks Development Inc.
6920 220th St. SW #107
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Lt Col William W. Ward, PhD Phone: 210-670-6838
Immunology & Molecular Diagnostics Branches FAX: 210-670-7484
Departmwent of Pathology
Wilford Hall Medical Center
Lackland AFB, TX 78236-5300 Email:

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