Off-Line Internet
from CD-ROM or Harddisk

A Timesaver Proposal to CytometryNet Sites


1. File Download

- The Martinsried Cytorelay node is set up in such a way that only the file names are provided in the: href="" or: img src="" calling statements of .html files, i.e. the full URL (universal relocator) information consisting of the computer address and the directory tree is only appended by the www-server software at login from outside e.g.:
|a href="offint1.htm"> Off-Line Internet |/a>
is automatically reconstituted to:
|a href=""> Off-Line Internet |/a>.
The | characters are used to avoid interpretation of the above lines as network browser commands. They are replaced by < characters in real .html files.

- This .htm file setup facilitates off-line Internet operation because all files can be used for harddisk or CD-ROM access i.e. without modifications.

- A DOS program ( OFFINT1) cuts unwanted URL and directory informations from .html files in case the files are not set up in the above way.

- All Martinsried administered Cytorelay, Cell Biochemistry, ESACP and ACP .html text and .GIF image files ( Martinsried Cytorelay) can be downloaded in PKZIP compressed form.

2. Local File Setup
2.1 Single Node Download

- In the simplest case the: file is dowloaded by the FTP function of the network browser into a preestablished directory e.g.: C:\INTERNET

- Following unzipping with: PKUNZIP MARTINS1, a bookmark in the appropriate network browser directory has to be generated by the user. Its name is: OFF-LINE Cytorelay Martinsried and its calling sequence: file:///c:/internet/cytorel.html

- Adressing this bookmark with the network browser will produce the correct image of the Cytorelay homepage. The off-line addressable buttons will be:
- Purdue Mailbox Mirror
- MPI-Biochemie Martinsried
- Consensus/Ring Trials
- Transatlantic www-Mirror
- Internet Operation
All other buttons are on-line addressed, provided the network connection is active. Otherwise an error message will be generated.

2.2 Multi-Node Download

- The download from multiple nodes into the above file directory may cause improper file addressing due to identical files names from different locations. One way to reduce this danger is to reserve the first three file name characters as file origine e.g. MAR = Martinsried, PUR = Purdue. In this case only five characters are left for file content explanation which may be undesired.

- Alternatively the off-line files of each downloaded node can be localized in a separate directory. A master homepage file is used to address the different homepages. The Martinsried files would be placed accordingly e.g. into the subdirectory: C:\INTERNET\MARTINS.

- The bookmark of the network browser would now address the master homepage MASTER.HTM file in the C:\INTERNET directory as:

- The master homepage in turn adresses then e.g. the two homepages of the Martinsried node as:
|a href="group.htm"> Cell Biochemistry, MPI-Biochemie, Martinsried
|a href="cytorel.htm"> Cytorelay Martinsried |/a>

- No modifications are required for any of the downloaded .html files in the different subdirectories, provided that all off-line file calls contain only the file name without any leading characters like: / or: ./ or: http: in the: href=" or: src=" calling sequences. This is important to avoid the generation of wrong directory trees by the network browser preventing proper off-line file adressing.

For problems or comments, please contact:
G.Valet E-mail:, Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Am Klopferspitz 18a, D-82152 Martinsried, Germany, Tel: +49/89/8578-2518, -2525, Fax: +49/89/8578-2563
INTERNET address:
Last update: Feb.29, 1996