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AIDS Immunophenotyping

USC Flow Cytometry Laboratory
2250 Alcazar Street - SCS 108
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Laboratory Profile

Director: John W. Parker, M.D.

1. Facilities: 1800 square foot facility containing instrument room, computer facilities, conference room, and offices.

2. Instrumentation:
Flow cytometry: Ortho Cytoron Absolute with 15 MW argon laser; Coulter Profile II with 15 MW argon laser; Becton-Dickinson FACScan with 15 MW argon laser.
Hematology: JT-2 Coulter hematology analyzer, light microscopes, fluorescent microscope.
Computers: Software for flow cytometry includes Multi-cycle, Multi-Report, PC-Lysys, Profile Flownet software and ELITE workstation, immunocount software; non-cytometry includes Lotus 123, Wordstar, DBaseIII+. Hardware includes 1 x 486 66 mHz, 3 x 386 33 mHz, 2 x 286 22 mHz and Network with Novell software.

3. Specialization Areas: Antigen coated beads, 3-color immunophenotyping, AIDS phenotyping, leukemia/lymphoma phenotyping, bone marrow transplant stem cell phenotyping. TdT by FCM, platelet antibodies, and phenotypes.

4. Special Opportunities: Processing and handling of specimens from patients with AIDS, and leukemias/lymphomas, for phenotyping, solid tumors (fresh and paraffin) for DNA, cell cycle analysis. Phenotypic characterization of leukocyte from AIDS, leukemias/lymphomas, immunological disorders. DNA/cell cycle analysis, TdT, reticulocyte counts, platelet phenotypes and antibodies.

5. Special Courses Offered: Usage of three different clinical flow cytometers (Cytoron, Profile, FACScan), principles of FCM, leukocyte immunophenotyping; solid tumor DNA analysis; bilingual (technical personnel are bilingual in Spanish and English) in FCM; software usage.

6. Graduate Programs: On hand training in clinical FCM. Lectures and informal tutorials. For pathology residents, postdoctoral fellows, medical students, technologists.

7. Local Accommodations: Local hotels are a 15-minute drive from lab. Discounted rates are given to people visiting USC. Pasadena Hilton, 150 S. Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101, phone (818) 577-1000 ($96/single or double); Holiday Inn, 303 E. Cordova Street, Pasadena, CA 91101, phone (818) 449-4000 ($79/single or double).

8. Transportation: Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is 45-60 minutes by cab or shuttle; Burbank 20-25 minutes by cab or shuttle.

9. Cost of Internship: $400/day or $1500/week. Rate includes ten hours of flow cytometry instrumentation time. Best time of year is June through August. Times by arrangement.

10. Communication:

John W. Parker, M.D.
Professor of Pathology
Director, USC Flow Cytometry Laboratory and
USC Pathology Reference Laboratory
2250 Alcazar Street - CSC 108
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Phone: (213) 342-2920
FAX: (213) 342-2990

International Society for Analytical Cytology
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