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AIDS Immunophenotyping

UCLA Flow Cytometry Laboratory
University of California Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California 90024-1745
Laboratory Profile

Director: Ingrid Schmid

1. Facilities: 486 square foot facility in the specialized AIDS immunology research laboratory containing equipment for lymphocyte functional assays and flow cytometric instruments and workstations to enable sorting of potentially biohazardous specimens from HIV-infected subjects.

2. Instrumentation:
Flow cytometry: FACStarplus flow cytometer for sorting infectious specimens, equipped with one Innova-70 argon ion laser, one ultraviolet-capable Innova-90-5 argon ion laser, and one air-cooled HeNE laser. FACScan analytical flow cytometers.
Other major relevant item: MACS, magnetic cell sorting device for large volume cell separations.
Computer and analytical: A network of PC-based and HP 9000 computers to analyze flow cytometry data, using LYSYS, CellFit, and other Becton-Dickinson software tools. Document and presentation editing tools such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Jandel SigmaPlot are available.

3. Specialization Areas: Research on HIV, especially fluorescence-activated cell sorting studies; techniques for the maintenance of cell sorter for infectious sorts. Measurement of intra-cellular antigens in combination with surface antigens by flow cytometry. Various techniques for identification of apoptotic cells using flow cytometry.

4. Special Opportunities: Training on the FACStarplus to perform biohazard sorting, apoptosis measurements, or measurement of intra-cellular antigens for AIDS-related research.

5. Special Courses Offered: One day to two-week custom-designed instruction based on the needs of the individual trainee. The course will provide hands-on training to perform cell sorting of infectious specimens including how to use phage to verify aerosol containment on the cell sorter. Investigator or flow cytometry technician who attends this course must have their own material that they wish to execute during the training period.

6. Graduate Program: No.

7. Local Accommodations: Hilgard House (adjacent to campus): $74 per night, $5 for each additional person; UCLA Guest House (on campus): studio ($69-$79) and suite ($115).

8. Transportation: Local airport is the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Prime Time Shuttle (310-558-1606): $14.00 per passenger (each way between LAX and UCLA).

9. Cost of Internships: Calculated based on individual needs. For most, a cost of $2,000 per week will cover flow time and most reagents. One or two trainees from the same laboratory may attend the course for the same cost. Times are arranged dependent on workload in the facility and individual need of trainee.

10. Communication:

Ingrid Schmid
Department of Medicine
Cellular Immunology & Cytometry
UCLA School of Medicine
12-236 Factor Building
10833 Le Conte Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024-1745

Phone: (310) 825-1043
FAX: (310) 794-2145
E-mail: schmid@cyto.medsch.ucla.edu

International Society for Analytical Cytology
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