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Detection of Viruses & Viral Products

Albany Medical College
47 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY 12208 
Laboratory Profile

Head: John M. Lehman, Ph.D.

1. Facilities: There is approximately 1,200 sq. ft. of space available which includes laboratory facilities for cell and molecular biology, tissue culture facilities, appropriate incubators, both humidified CO2 incubators as well as walk-in incubators and cold rooms. The flow cytometry facilities are housed in approximately 400 sq. ft. of space with appropriate microscopes, fluorescent phase and light. There is also an animal care facility at the Albany Medical College for housing animals which can be used to perform specialized animal surgeries. The Department of Microbiology also has a number of investigators who have interests in flow cytometry from a clinical as well as a basic science perspective, ranging from molecular genetics, immunology, virology, cell biology, and oncology.

2. Instrumentation: In the laboratory is housed an Ortho Cytofluorograf 50HH with a 2150 data handling system. The instrument has two 5-watt argon lasers and one air-cooled omnichrome at 488. Adjacent to the department are two clinical flow cytometers, Becton Dickinson FACStars, which are used primarily for clinical studies; however, some individuals require the use of this facility for their research programs. Also available is a Coulter EPICS V flow cytometer. The Ortho Cytofluorograf has a Cytomation workstation with the appropriate Cicero programs to perform data acquisition and analysis. A number of software programs are available with the Ortho and Cytomation systems, and a number of programs written specifically for data analysis regarding experiments performed in this laboratory.

3. Specialization Areas: This laboratory is primarily interested in virus-cell interactions. In the past number of years, it has specifically analyzed lytic as well as the non-permissive infection of cells by the papovaviruses, Simian virus 40 and polyoma. This has required the development of two and three-color assay systems for viral antigens as well as DNA content changes. Questions related to viral antigen, quantitation, analysis with specific monoclonal antibodies, DNA content changes, both stimulation into the cell cycle as well as increase in tetraploid and polyploid amounts of DNA are all presently ongoing in the laboratory. A number of clinical studies have also been performed with HIV, CMV, and HSV-1 over the past number of years. Therefore, this laboratory is quite skilled in aspects of cell biology, molecular virology, virology, and flow cytometry. This includes the use of two-color immunofluorescent as well as DNA content staining and cell analysis and cell sorting.

4. Special Opportunities: Presently, the lab offers both a beginning course in flow cytometry and an advanced course. These courses have been offered primarily to students and are usually given every two years. There are other courses related to papovaviruses in Virology as well as Molecular Immunology also offered by the department.

5. Special Courses Offered: None at this time.

6. Graduate Program: Presently the Albany Medical College has a graduate program in the medical sciences and Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics has a core graduate program. This leads to either a masters or a Ph.D. degree at the completion of the course offerings as well as the defense of thesis.

7. Local Accommodations: No hotels are located within walking distance; however, the Ramada Silo on Western Ave. is convenient ($59 per night includes full breakfast). There are also more luxurious hotels located near the airport ($90-120 per night).

8. Transportation: Local airport is Albany County Airport. Taxi to AMC readily available ($9 each way). Rental cars are available at the airport. Also accessible via AMTRAK and Trailways Bus.

9. Cost of Internship: Presently, there is no charge applied to individuals interested in learning aspects of flow cytometry except for living expenses, the cost of solutions, and use of the machine, which will be provided by the trainee.

10. Communication:

John M. Lehman, Ph.D.
Department of Microbiology, Immunology
and Molecular Genetics, A-68
Albany Medical College
47 New Scotland Ave.
Albany, NY 12208

Phone: (518) 262-5165
FAX: (518) 262-5748
E-mail: No E-Mail available 

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