This material was originally published in the Purdue Cytometry CD-ROM Series,volume 1

Cytometry Photographs and Images from the Purdue Cytometry CDROM series, Volume 1

Photographs and Images you can copy royalty free

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Flow Cytometry Hardware and Related Images

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EPICS XL Coulter EPICS XL Coulter Counter Early model Coulter Counter
Jet in air tip Jet in air sorting flowcell Closed tip Coulter BioSense high-sensivity flowcell
Evolving flow cells The Coulter flowcell family evolving Jet in air with aerosol Closeup of jet in air flowcell with laser light
Closed cell with 514 Closed flowcell with 514 nm light Four lasers Four lasers installed in an EPICS Elite
You may never see this again The stress-inducing droplet breakoff point Epics XL The Coulter EPICS XL
Cell-Dyn Cell-Dyn 3000 cell counter Ortho Cytoron Absolute Ortho Cytoron Absolute
Bryte HS cytometer placing a sample on the Bryte HS flow cytometer partec cytometer partec cytometer
Bryte with Epics 753 BioRad Bryte HS cytometer with Coulter Epics 753 partec CA-II cell counter partec CA-II cell counter
closeup of Bryte flow cell closeup of flow cell/coverglass area in Bryte HS flow cytometer BD FACScan Becton-Dickinson FACScan
sort plates with stream sort plates with sort stream from Coulter Elite Coulter Elite Coulter Elite flow cytometer
Coulter Q-prep Coulter Q-prep for quick lysing and fixing of immunophenotypic samples four lasers left to right: He-Cd, Coherent innova 300 (water-cooled), He-Ne, and Uniphase air-cooled argon lasers on a Coulter Elite
beam shaping lens with red laser beam red laser beam shaped by beam-shaping lens BD FACScount Becton-Dickinson FACScount
BD FACS analyzer Becton-Dickinson FACS analyzer Coulter Epics C Coulter Epics C flow cytometer, ca. 1982

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