This material was originally published in the Purdue Cytometry CD-ROM Series,volume 1

Cytometry Photographs and Images from the Purdue Cytometry CDROM series, Volume 1

Photographs and Images you can copy royalty free

NOTE: Conditions of use of these images: You may use these photos in ANY WAY YOU WANT - BUT you cannot sell them, or transfer the copyright to any publisher. If you wish to publish any image from this catalog, you may do so, by referring this paragraph to the publisher. No royalty is required unless the image is being used for promotion of commerical materials. Books, journals, and computer presentations are all permissible uses for these images.

Computers and Networking Images

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scanning sample information with barcode reader scanning sample information with barcode reader CD ROM maker CD ROM maker
thin wire ethernet connection (10base2) thin wire ethernet connection (10base2) Silicon Graphics workstation Silicon Graphics workstation
optical storage disk drives optical storage disk drives an ethernet hub a UTP Ethernet hub
Twisted pair ethernet connections Twisted pair ethernet connections a variety of data storage formats a variety of data storage format
are my data inside this disk? where are my data stored anyway? inside this optical disk? NEC and HP laserjet printers NEC postscript and HP laserjet series II printers
printing barcode labels label printer, printing barcode labels handy software packages handy software packages
damaged CD microwave radiation is not good for a CD damaged CD another view of a damaged disk
openned disk drivehard disk drive with drive platter showing various CD's optical disks with a recordable CD
Codonics color printer Codonics NP1600 network printer for high quality color prints Tektronix color printer Tektronix Phaser 200e color printer
Lasergraphics Lasergraphics film recorder for slide production more handy software packages more handy software packages
still more handy software packages still more handy software packages Seiko label printer Seiko Smart Pro label printer
notebook notebook laptop computer electronics work area electronics parts on the bench top
computer motherboard and peripheral cards computer motherboard and peripheral adapter cards

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