Phagocyte Function: A Guide for Research and Clinical Evaluation
George F. Babcock and J. Paul Robinson, editors
John Wiley & Sons, 1998
ISBN: 0471123641

Cytometric Cellular Analysis
Series Editors: J. Paul Robinson and George F. Babcock


  Preface vii
  Contributors ix
1 Analysis of the Phagocyte Membrane Lectin CR3 Using Fluorescence-labeled Polysaccharides and Flow Cytometry 1
  Gordon D. Ross, Vaclav Vetvicka, and Ri-ian P Thornton 
2 Cytometric Approaches to the Study of Receptors 19
  John P Nolan, I. David Chambers, and Larry A. Sklar 
3 Pathophysiology of Human Fc-gamma Receptors in Health and Disease 47
  Bruce H. Davis, Paul K. Wallace, and Paul Al. Guyre 
4 Early Events in Receptor-Mediated Neutrophil Signal Transduction 77
  Elizabeth R. Simnons 
5 Lipopolysaccharide-Binding Proteins 97
  Robert I. Burnett, Robert C. Bass, Alice N. Neelv, and Joseph S. Solomkin 
6 Lipopolysaccharide-Binding Proteins and Receptors 125
  Julie A. Gegner and Peter S. Tobias 
7 Actin Polymerization in Human Neutrophils 155
  Geneva M. Omnann 
8 Neutrophil Phagocytosis: Influence of Opsonins, Neutrophil Activation, and Microbial Characteristics 187
  Robert Bjerknes 
9 Oxygen and Nitrogen Reactive Metabolites and Phagocytic Cells 217
  J. Paul Robinson 
10 Neutrophil—Endothelial Cell Interactions 253
  Wayne 0. Carter amid J. Paul Robinson 
11 The HL-60 Cell: A Cell Culture Model for Studying Phagocyte Cell Functions 277
  Padma Kumar Narayanan and J. Paul Robinson 
12 Risk Assessment for Intensive Care Patients by Automated Classification of Flow Cytometric Data 289
  Gunter K. Valet, Gabriel Roth, and Wolfgang Kellermammn 
13 Alterations in the Nonspecific Immune Response Following Severe Traumatic Injury 307
  George F Babcock 
14 Human Monocytes and Macrophages: Characterization in Health and Inflammatory Disease States 327
  Prue H. Hart, Julie Rowe, and John J. Finlay-Jones 
15 The Role of Monocytes/Macrophages in Wound Healing 349
  David G. Greenhaigh 
16 Monocytes and Macrophages in Solid Organ Transplantation: Important Implications for the Future of Transplant Immunology 359
  John F Valente, Cora K. Ogle, and J. Wesley Alexander 

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