Methods in Cell Biology: Cytometry, 3rd Edition, Part B, Vol. 64
Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz
Harry A. Crissman
J.Paul Robinson

Academic Press, San Diego, October, 2000

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Table of Contents

CYTOMETRY (Third Edition) Part B, Vol. 64

Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz, Harry A. Crissman, and J. Paul Robinson (Eds)


Chapter 30

Jaroslav Dolezel, Martin A. Lysák, Marie Kubálková, Hana Simková, Jiri Macas, & Sergio Lucretti -- Sorting of Plant Chromosomes

Chapter 31

Heinz-Ulli G. Weier -- Quantitative DNA Fiber Mapping

Chapter 32

Johnny Hindkjær and Steen Kølvraa -- Primed IN Situ Labeling (PRINS)

  Chapter 33

Steven S.S.Poon and Peter M. Lansdorp -- Measurements of Telomere Length on Individual Chromosomes by Image Cytometry

Chapter 34

Jingly Fung, Santiago Munne and Heinz-Ulli G. Weier -- Detection of Chromosome Translocation Products in Single Interphase Cell Nuclei


Chapter 35

Martin Poot and Robert H. Pierce -- Analysis of Mitochondria by Flow Cytometry

Chapter 36

Peter Østrup Jensen, Jacob Larsen and Jörgen K. Larsen -- Analysis of RNA Synthesis by Cytometry

Chapter 37

Ralph M. Bohmer -- Flow Cytometry of Erythropoiesis in Culture:Bivariate Profiles of Fetal and Adult Hemoglobin

Chapter 38

Luca Pierelli, Giovanni Scambia and Andrea Fattorossi -- Flow Cytometric Analysis of Human Hemopoietic Progenitor Differentiation by Assessing Cell Division Rate and Phenotypic Profile



Chapter 39

Paul J. Smith and Marie Wiltshire -- Cytometry of Antitumor Drug-Induced Target Interactions

Chapter 40

Awtar Krishan -- Monitoring of Cellular Resistance to Cancer Chemotherapy : Drug Retention and Efflux

Chapter 41

Ralph E. Durand and Peggy L. Olive -- Resistance of Tumor Cells to Chemo- and Radiotherapy Modulated by Three-dimentional Architecture of Solid Tumors and Spheroids.

Chapter 42

Peggy L. Olive -- Analysis of DNA Damage in Individual Cells

Chapter 43

William D. Wright, Isabelle Lagroye, Peng Zhang, Robert S. Malyapa and Joseph L. Roti Roti -- Cytometric Methods to Analyze Ionizing-Radiation Effects

Chapter 44

Robert P. VanderWaal, Ryuji Higashikubo, Mai Xu, Douglas R. Spitz, William D. Wright and Joseph L. Roti Roti -- Cytometric Methods to Analyze Thermal Effects


Chapter 45

Carleton C. Stewart and Sigrid J. Stewart -- Multiparameter Data Acquisition and Analysis of Leukocytes by Flow Cytometry

Chapter 46

Richard J. Clatch -- Immunophenotyping of Hematological Malignancies by Laser Scanning Cytometry

Chapter 47

J-P Vial and Francis Lacombe -- Immunophenotyping of Acuta Leukemia. Utility of CD 45 for Blast Cell Identification.

Chapter 48

Rosella Silvestrini, Aurora Costa and Maria Grazia Daidone -- Cell Proliferation Markers in Human Solid Tumors: Assessing Their Impact in Clinical Oncology

Chapter 49

Andrzej Deptala and Sharon P. Mayer -- Detection of Minimal Residual Disease

Chapter 50

Wojciech Gorczyca, Andrzej Deptala, Elzbieta Bedner, Xun Li, Myron R. Melamed and Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz -- Analysis of Human Tumors by Laser Scanning Cytometry.

Chapter 51

David A. Rew -- Laser Cytometry of Human Tissues and Tumors: the Clinical Perspective

Chapter 52

Thomas W. Mc Closkey -- Flow Cytometry for Evaluation and Investigation of HIV Infection

Chapter 53

Gunter Valet, Luc Kestens, Erika Braeutigam and Friedrich Otto -- Prediction and Precise Diagnosis of Diseases by Pattern Analysis in Multiparameter Cytometry


Chapter 54

Stephanie A. Sincock and J. Paul Robinson -- Flow Cytometry Analysis of Microorganisms

Chapter 55

Harald B. Steen -- Staining and Measurement of DNA in Bacteria

Chapter 56

Mette Walberg and Harald B. Steen -- Flow Cytometric Monitoring of Bacterial Susceptibility to Antibiotics

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