Cellular Aspects of HIV Infection
Andrea Cossarizza and David Kaplan, editors
John Wiley & Sons, 2002
ISBN: 0471123641

Cytometric Cellular Analysis
Series Editors: J. Paul Robinson and George F. Babcock


  Preface ix
  Contributors xi
1 HIV and Molecular Biology of the Virus-Host Interplay 3
  Massimo Clementi  
2 Telemore Length, CD28 - T Cells, and HIV Disease Pathogenesis 13
  Rita B. Effros  
3 Immune Dysregulation and T-Cell Activation Antigens in HIV Infection 33
  Mara Biasin, Fulvia Colombo, Stefania Picono, and Mario Clerici  
4 Quantification of HIV/SIV Coreceptor Expression 53
  Benhur Lee and Robert W. Doms  
5 B Cells in the Line of Sight of HIV-1 69
  Yolande Richard, Eric A. Lefevre, Roman Krzysiek, Christophe Legendre, Dominique Dormont, Pierre Galanaud, and Gabriel Gras  
6 Cytotoxic T-Cell (CTL) Function in HIV Infection 103
  M.L Garba and J. A. Frelinger  
7 Analysis of the α/β T-Cell Receptor Repertoire in HIV Infection αβ 127
  Hugo Soudenys  
8 Gamma-Delta (γδ) T Cells and HIV-1 Infection 147
  Roxana E. Rojas and W. Henry Boom  
9 Natural Killer Cells in HIV Infection and Role in the Pathogenesis of AIDS 183
  Benjamin Bonavida  
10 Alveolar Macrophages 207
  Jiammin Zhang and Henry Koziel  
11 Dendritic Cells Ferry HIV-1 from Periphery into Lymphoid Tissues 229
  Teunis B. Geijtenbeek and Yvette van Kooyk  
12 Homeostasis and Restoration of the Immune System in HAART-Treated HIV-Infected Patients: Implications of Apoptosis 251
  Marie-Lise Gougeon, Herveé LeCoeur, Luzia Maria de Oliveira Pinto and Eric Ledru  
13 Mitochondria Functionality During HIV Infection 269
  Andrea Cossarizza, Marcello Pinti, Milena Nasi, Maria Garcia Fernandez, Laura Moretti, Cristina Mussini, and Leonarda Troiano  
14 Multiple Roles of Cytokines in HIV Infection, Replicaton, and Therapy 293
  Massimo Alfano and Guido Poli  
15 The Use of Peptide/MHC Tetramers to Visualize, Track, and Characterize Class I-Restricted Anti-HIV Cell Response 315
  Clive M. Gray and Thomas C. Merigan  
16 Tagging of HIV with Green Fluorescent Protein 333
  Nadya I. Tarasova  
17 Flow Cytometric Analysis of Cells from Persons with HIV-1 Disease by Enzymatic Amplification Staining 351
  David Kaplan  
18 Antigen-Specific Cytokin Responses in HIV Disease 371
  Vernon C. Maino, Holden T. Maecker, and Louis J. Picker  
19 Chimeric Models of SCID Mice Transplanted with Human Cells: The Hu-SCID Mouse and Its Use in AIDS Research 385
  S. M. Santini, C. Lapenta, M. Logozzi, S. Parlato, M. Spada, T. Di Pucchio, S. Fais, and F. Belardelli  
20 Immune Reconstruction of the CD4 T-Cell Comartment in HIV Infection 399
  Guislaine Carcelain, Taisheng Li, Marc Renaud, Patrice Debré , and Brigitte Autran  
21 New Perspectives in Antiretrovial Therapy of HIV Infection 423
  Stefano Vella  

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