Emerging Tools for Single Cell Analysis: Advances in Optical Measurement Technologies
Gary Durack and J. Paul Robinson, editors
John Wiley & Sons, May, 2000
ISBN: 0471315753

Cytometric Cellular Analysis
Series Editors: J. Paul Robinson and George F. Babcock

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Table of Contents

Cell Sorting Technology (G. Durack).
High-Speed Cell Sorting (G. Van Den Engh).
Rare Event Detection and Sorting of Rare Cells (J. Leary).
High-Speed Sorting of CD34-Positive Hematopoietic Stem Cells (T. Leemhuis).
Microfabricated Fluidic Devices for Single Cell Handling and Analysis (D. Beebe).
Single DNA Fragment Detection by Flow Cytometry (R. Habbersett).
Florescence Lifetime Microscopy (E. Gratton).
Florescence Lifetime Flow Cytometry (J. Steinkamp).
Florescence Lifetime and Two-Photon Florescence Cytometry: Novel Technologies for Assessing Antigen Processing and Presentation (E. Voss).
Two-Photon Image Cytometry (P. So).Limits of Confocal Technology (J. Pawley).
Scanning Near-Field Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy in Cell Biology (T. Jovin).
White Light Scanning Microscopy (J. Robinson).
Illumination Sources (H. Shapiro).
Camera Technologies (K. Castleman).

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