Methods in Cell Biology: Flow Cytometry Vol 41
Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz
J.Paul Robinson
Harry A. Crissman

Academic Press, San Diego, 1994
ISBN 0-12-203051-6 [Softcover]
ISBN 0-12-564142-7 [Hardcover]

Contents of Volume 41
Flow Cytometry, Second Edition, Part A

1. Dissociation of Intact Cells from Tumors and Normal Tissues
Daniel W. Visscher and John D. Crissman

2. Assays of Cell Viability: Discrimination of Cells Dying by Apoptosis
Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz, Xun Li, and Jianping Gong

3. Cell Preparation for the Identification of Leukocytes
Carleton C. Stewart and Sigrid J. Stewart

4. Multiparameter Analysis of Leukocytes by Flow Cytometry
Carleton C. Stewart and Sigrid f. Stewart

5. Immunophenotyping Using Fixed Cells
George F. Babcock and Susan M. Dawes

6. Simultaneous DNA Content and Cell-Surface Immunofluorescence Analysis
Paul P. T. Brons, Piet E. J. Van Erp, and Arie H. M. Pennings

7. Flow Cytometry Crossmatching for Solid Organ Transplantation
Robert A. Bray

8. Cell Membrane Potential Analysis
Howard M. Shapiro

9. Measurement of Intracellular pH
Michael F. Boyer and David W. Hedley

10. Intracellular Ionized Calcium
Carl H. June and Peter S. Rabinovitch

11. Cellular Protein Content Measurements
Harry A. Crissman and John A. Steinkamp

12. Lysosomal Proton Pump Activity: Supravital Cell Staining with Acridine Orange Differentiates Leukocyte Subpopulations
Frank Traganos and Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz

13. Staining of DNA in Live and Fixed Cells
Harry A. Crissman and Gregory T. Hirons

14. High-Resolution Analysis of Nuclear DNA Employing the Fluorochrome DAPI
Friedrich J. Otto

15. Detergent and Proteolytic Enzyme-Based Techniques for Nuclear Isolation and DNA Content Analysis
Lars L. Vindelov and Ib Farle Christensen

16. DNA Analysis from Paraffin-Embedded Blocks
David W. Hedley

17. Controls, Standards, and Histogram Interpretation in DNA - Flow Cytometry
Lynn G. Dressler and Larry C. Seamer

18. DNA Content Histogram and Cell-Cycle Analysis
Peter S. Rabinovitch

19. Immunochemical Quantitation of Bromodeoxyuridine: Application to Cell-Cycle Kinetics
Frank Dolbeare and Jules R. Selden

20. Application and Detection of IdUrd and CldUrd as Two Independent Cell-Cycle Markers
Jacob A. Aten,Jan Stap, Ron Hoebe, and Piet J. M. Bakker

21. Cell-Cycle Analysis Using Continuous Bromodeoxyuridine Labeling and Hoechst 33358-Ethidium Bromide Bivariate
Flow Cytometry
Martin Poot, Holger Hoehn, Manfred Kubbies, Angelika Grossmann, Yuchyou Chen, and Peter S. Rabinovitch

22. Detection of BrdUrd-Labeled Cells by Differential Fluorescence Analysis of DNA Fluorochromes: Pulse-Chase and Continuous Labeling Methods
Harry A. Crissman, Noboru Oishi, and Robert Habbersett

23. Analysis of Intracellular Proteins
Kenneth D. Bauer and fames W. facobberger

24. "Washless" Procedures for Nuclear Antigen Detection
Jorgen K. Larsen

25. Light Scatter of Isolated Cell Nuclei as a Parameter Discriminating the Cell-Cycle Subcompartments
Walter Giaretti and Michael Nusse

26. Simultaneous Analysis of Cellular RNA and DNA Content
Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz

27. Analysis of DNA Content and Cyclin Protein Expression in Studies of DNA Ploidy, Growth Fraction, Lymphocyte Stimulation, and the Cell Cycle
Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz, Jianping Gong, and Frank Traganos

28. Oxidative Product Formation Analysis by Flow Cytometry
J. Paul Robinson, Wayne 0. Carter, and Padma Kumar Narayanan

29. Flow Cytometric Determination of Cysteine and Serine Proteinase Activities in Living Cells with Rhodamine 110 Substrates
Sven Klingel, Gregor Rothe, Wolfgang Kellermann, and Gunter Valet

30. Leucine Aminopeptidase Activity by Flow Cytometry
John J. Turek and J. Paul Robinson

31. Enzyme Kinetics
James V. Watson and Caroline Dive

32. On-Line Flow Cytometry: A Versatile Method for
Kinetic Measurements
Kees Nooter, Hans Herweijer, Richard R. Jonker, and Ger J. van den Engh

33. Acid-Induced Denaturation of DNA in Situ as a Probe of Chromatin Structure
Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz

34. Detection of Intracellular Virus and Viral Products
Judith Laffin and John M. Lehman